Operating Principles

Our customers are at the heart of our operations, as are keeping the promises we have made them and fulfilling their service expectations. We monitor the quality of our services and react case-specifically to any quality deviations by working out the root causes. In this way, we are able to prevent any reoccurrence. At Piccolo, quality is a shared responsibility and everyone is responsible for making sure they follow company rules and meet the quality requirements.

Keeping our customer promises requires competent and motivated personnel. We work in close cooperation with our staff and the occupational health services with the aim of improving well-being at work and also our working conditions. We methodically chart and remove occupational safety risks in order to prevent accidents and consequential absences from work. In all our operations, we comply with the applicable legal requirements and train our personnel in matters concerning occupational safety.

We are committed in all our activities to reducing environmental impacts and environmental damage and to following environmental regulations. We aim to continuously improve the level of environmental protection throughout the Group.

Piccolo Group Oy monitors, measures and develops the quality of its services, the level of its environmental protection and well-being at work using the principle of continuous improvement.


Petri Kuivamäki, CEO