For many companies, packing is a necessary evil. Employees carry out packing alongside their regular work, and not much attention is paid to its efficiency and speed. The packers vary and the work is done in a hurry as overtime. Sometimes the workspaces for packing, the packaging materials and the machines and equipment required are insufficient. This makes packing both slow and expensive. In the worst case scenario, the packing material runs out at the worst moment. If this causes the shipment to be delayed, it may cost you a great deal.

Packing is our core business. We have designed the work in our packing plant optimally so that consignments flow smoothly through our premises. We always have a sufficient amount of the right materials and blanks that our packages are made from. Our employees are packing professionals who are expert at sawing, nailing and building quickly.

We challenge our customers to think: which labour costs, costs resulting from the premises or packaging production factors can you reduce by outsourcing your packing to us? An underemployed packer or a person doing overtime to pack is an extremely expensive solution on an annual level for any company.

Contact us and challenge us to work out solutions with you for turning the fixed costs of your profit and loss account into variable costs!


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