Do you actually know what the square metres of your warehouse are costing you? The price per square metre consists not just of the price of the floor space, but also heating and electricity. And do you know how much your storage factors of production and employees are costing you? These include quite a few factors: warehouse fixtures, handling and hoisting apparatuses, storage systems and employees. Or perhaps you need more square metres for production but are unable to extend your manufacturing area?

For us, storage is a working phase that we keep continuously improving for maximum efficiency and profitability. The cost-effectiveness of our storage services is achieved through the model of multiple customers, which ensures that all our customers benefit from each other. When you transfer your storage operations over to us, you will no longer pay for an underutilised warehouse or idle employees. You can also stop agonising about investments into storage systems and fixtures. Often, to keep production running efficiently you need to keep it in the same premises. By transferring your warehouse to us, you will gain valuable space for production with a minor additional investment.

When you invite us to visit, we will divide your company’s storage needs into sections and provide you with the price for the services you need. You will only pay for the space you use and the work actions taken, not for running idle. Your fixed storage costs will turn into variable costs that flow with the production. This will also make the monitoring of your result and planning more manageable.

You can also transfer your entire stock or just your back-up stock to us to manage. At the same time, we will make you an offer on packing services if you want to transfer all hands engaged in packing to your core business.


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