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Business gift sales

A business gift is an important part of a company’s image. Gifts given to customers, partners or employees must communicate the same message that the company’s brand represents. Our range of products includes all the best-known Finnish brands and many highly regarded international ones. Our selection is also complemented by more affordable products designed for different seasons and events. We acquire the products directly from the importers or manufacturers, which allows us to offer them at competitive prices. Typical favoured presents include customer gifts, a company’s internal gifts, employee gifts for years of service, leisurewear, more valuable gifts, give-away products and technology. Our brands include Craft, Cutter & Buck, Garmin, Iittala, etc.


Your company’s own online store

If your company uses a lot of business and PR gifts, we can create a special online store for you. This electronic shop will be the company’s own online store where products selected by the customer are displayed. The customer commits themselves to acquire a certain number of products and Piccolo stores these for them.

The store may include products of various types, from affordable give-away gifts to expensive birthday presents. The online store will spare the customer the effort and time it would take to manage their stock of gifts themselves and the need to tie up cash in it. In addition, the product range intended for the company’s use will be easily and quickly accessible to all the selected contact persons. The customer decides themselves who in the company will be granted the right to order products. The system offers reports, for example, on orders at different periods and lists of orders per person, as required. 



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