About us


Piccolo – there for you and ready to go

Think of us as your energetic errand boy. Cheerful, always ready to help and there when you need us.  Like in a top-class hotel, you can rely on us to look after the goods you have entrusted to us. We deliver dispatches to their destinations punctually and without a fuss. At Piccolo, we are always there when you need us: 24 hours a day, every day of the week. We also love to solve challenges you don’t have the time or resources to tackle.

We offer our customers a seamless service: we store, pack and transport your consignment. Our customers include haulage and forwarding companies of all sizes, local companies and Finnish and international industrial companies.

For us, service means daily actions handled by true professionals. These professionals know their job and are not afraid to take responsibility for it. When you hand over a consignment to us, we take care of it as if it was our own. For us, professional skills mean competence, the right attitude and looking ahead.

Piccolo was founded in the late 1980s and grew substantially in the 90s when ABB outsourced many of its operations. As a service provider to large companies, Piccolo is always awake and ready for action. We think about ways to do things better every day, just like the Olympics motto: faster, higher and stronger. Because of our flat hierarchy, both managers and employees participate in the development work. Our easy, down-to-earth attitude creates an uncomplicated atmosphere where work runs smoothly. We think it’s best to ask our employees: ‘how would you solve this challenge?’ This results in practical ideas that accelerate our working phases and methods and make them more effective.

We love to do calculations. We know exactly what stages are required for storage, packing, dispatch and transport. We also know the cost of square metres, equipment and other production factors. That’s why we are able to give our customers prices in units, pallet places, containers or square metres. Sometimes we calculate for our customers what the work would cost them if they did it themselves. It makes it easy for them to decide whether to let someone else carry the employee risks and investments and pay only for the service they need right now.

For us, the entire logistics chain means upholding a service product where the customer’s fixed costs become variable costs according to volume and where the transport service is a seamless, reliable system from door to door.  If you want to optimise your results for storage, packing and transport, don’t hesitate to ask us for a proposal on how best to achieve this.

The entire logistics chain – the best service solutions for packing, storage and transport


Petri Kuivamäki, CEO